Inspired Living

Inspired Living is a health and well-being website incorporating a range of products and services focusing on holistic health.

Some of the products and services we cover in this website are:

  • Planting and gardening with a focus on indoor plants, sprouting, Dragon Fruit and Spekboom.
  • Young Living essential oils.
  • E-books for sale on various topics.
  • Eating plans and different diet options.
  • Affirmation card range.
  • Crystal products.
  • Online fitness and personal training.
  • Lifewave patches.
  • Vegan products.
  • Covid-19 safety range.

What Is Defined as a Healthy Lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle is so much more than just being fit and eating “clean”. It is also about achieving a happy, sustainable and fulfilling life. 

Keeping the balance is really important – this includes being active, eating healthy foods, de-stressing and getting enough sleep.  Keeping this balance may not be easy for some, but making small lifestyle changes that are maintainable will therefore be sustainable.

While modern-day medicine has brought many wonderful and life-saving advancements, the downfall is that this approach looks at the body in sections and not as the whole system that it is.

Holistic healing consists of complimentary medicines and alternative healthcare practices that go beyond the singular treatment of symptoms, and supports more than just the body.



As individuals we are made of up four separate parts to our being that make us whole and complete.

These four parts need to work together to create a healthy balance and to reach our optimum state of being.

* The “physical” self
* The “mental” self
* The “emotional” self
* The “spiritual” self

When all of these are in balance with one another we feel the connection and therefore can have a more peaceful view and reaction to the world around us.  

At Inspired Living we aim to support people on their health and well-being journey through workshops, information, events and the sale of products. 


Young Living Essential Oils

When you walk through a lavender field or into a pine forest, your senses are instantly awakened – from the energizing aromas that envelop you to the sense of well-being that they evoke.


Young Living recreates this sense with their aromatic essential oils and provides harmony between nature, body, mind and soul.


Young Living essential oils product range:

* Home

* Wellness

* Personal care

Affirmation Range

Affirmations are amazingly powerful – by saying them out-aloud, hearing them and/or writing a powerful affirmation, you manifest it into your brain over and over again until you actually believe it.


Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. When you repeat them often, and believe in them, you can start to make positive changes in your life.  

Planting Range

Learning how to plant and grow your own food can improve your physical and mental health, as well as the health of the environment.  Growing your own produce is a simple solution to numerous health, environmental and economic problems.


Whether you are growing a single tomato plant or have a whole backyard fruit and vegetable garden, it is still beneficial.


Five reasons to grow your own food include:

1. More Nutritious
2. Stay Active
3. Get Vitamin D
4. Save Money
5. Better for the Environment

Personal Training and Fitness

You can get fit based on your schedule and budget.  Instead of you going to a trainer, have the trainer come to you!  Added to that you have all the benefits of an expert included.


Getting your fitness online:

* is extremely flexible to fit in with your daily schedule,

* offers a great selection of trainers depending on your preference, what you like to do and what suits you the most,

* is having your trainer all-to-yourself, redefining the term “personal trainer”,

* provides accountability,

* allows for fully customizable workouts,

* is a lot more cost effective.

Eating Plans and Different Diet Options

Eating a healthy diet is not about strict rules and limitations, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the foods you love.  It is more about feeling great, having more energy, improving your health, and boosting your mood.


Healthy eating does not have to be overly complicated.  There is a huge amount of conflicting nutrition and diet advice out there which can be quite overwhelming.  It seems that for every expert who tells you a certain food is good for you, you will find another saying exactly the opposite.


The fact of the matter is that while some specific foods or nutrients have been shown to have a beneficial effect on mood, it is your overall dietary pattern that is most important.  The key to a healthy diet should be to replace processed food with real food whenever possible.   Eating food that is as close as possible to the way nature made it can make a huge difference to the way you think, look and feel.


Crystals are millions of years old and were produced during the earliest part of the earth’s formation.   Crystals are a timeless database of knowledge because they retain all the information they have ever been exposed to.


Crystals absorb information, whether a severe weather pattern, or the experience of an ancient ceremony – and passes it to anyone that comes into contact with them.


Scientifically crystals are the most orderly structures that exist in nature.  Crystals are structured in such a way that they respond to the inputs of all different energies around them, so they oscillate, emitting specific vibratory frequencies.


The way they are balanced, the frequencies they emit and their ability to store a tremendous amount of information makes crystals essential to modern technologies. This is why there are crystals in computers, TVs, cell phones, satellites etc.

A range of information directories are provided which offer you information on various topics:


* Holistic Health

* Health and Beauty

* Green Products

* Vegan Products

* South Africa Marketing directory

* Weddings in South Africa

* Kids and family directory

* Activities South Africa


We also offer advertising packages on these directories and these are included in our online store.

Since 2004, Lifewave has helped people all over the world realize their greatest potential.  These patented, proprietary wellness products help to deliver more energy and stamina, mental acuity, better sleep, reduced stress, improved skin appearance, faster wound healing and an overall feeling of youthful vitality.


Lifewave products is said to also help people reduce body fat and decrease pain.


All this is done through wellness products that tap into the body’s natural energy and resiliency, and through business opportunities that inspire personal and professional fulfillment.

Vegan Roots - information and Products on Veganism

Veganism is a complete way of life which seeks to exclude all forms of, and the exploitation of, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.


There are so many different ways to adopt and maintain a vegan lifestyleVegan Roots helps you by providing interesting information on veganism, delicious vegan recipes with tips on how to grow your own food.


One thing that all vegans have in common is having a plant-based diet while avoiding all animal foods such as meat (including fish and shellfish), dairy, eggs and honey.  As well as avoiding animal-derived materials and products tested on animals.

Sprouting and Microgreens

Also known as “vegetable confetti,” microgreens are sometimes confused with sprouts which are germinated seeds that are eaten root, seed and shoot.


Microgreens however include a variety of edible immature greens, harvested with scissors less than a month after germination, when the plants are up to 2 inches tall. The stem and the seed leaves are all edible.


Salad greens, leafy vegetables, herbs and even edible flowers can be grown as microgreens, though some varieties are better suited than others.  Beginners often start by growing one type of seed, such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, mustard, chia, sunflower or buckwheat – all of which are the easiest-to-grow varieties of microgreens.  You can easily grow different seeds in several containers, and mix your microgreens after harvesting.

At Inspired Living we offer a range of online products that you can purchase to assist in your overall health and well-being.


All products listed here are available to purchase at Inspired Living Shop Online

The bright pink fruit with its “scaly” outer layer is tasty and exotic, and is why this mystical fruit has inherited its name of Dragon Fruit.


Belonging to the cactus family, it gets its generic name from what the locals refer to it throughout Southeast Asia – dragon scales, dragon crystal, dragon pearl fruit or green dragon.


The outer layer encloses a white or red fleshy inner, speckled with black seeds, which is sweet in flavour and extremely refreshing.  It is said that the best way to enjoy Dragon fruit is to eat it as is and fresh.  All you need to do is peel the outer layer and then slice the inner flesh as per your liking or you can even scoop it out using a spoon.

We offer a range of Covid-19 products which can be purchased from our online store.


These include:

* Masks

* Hand Sanitizer

* Gift Packs – masks, hand sanitizer, sterile wet wipes and an information card

Gifting and Promotional Products

Under the Wildshots SA brand we offer a range of gifting, tourism and promotional products for sale. 


This is a wide range of products which are personalized per location and according to the clients needs.  

Indoor Plants and Pot Plant Range

We have a range of indoor plants and pots as well as providing information on which plants are best for in your home.

Spekboom is an expansive shrub or small tree occurring in semi-desert areas and bushveld.  It is usually found in rocky places and grows abundantly in parts of the Eastern Cape.


The leaves are circular and bright green or pale grey.  The plant has a glossy red-brown stem and bears dense rows of succulent leaves.


A range of spekboom products are available and including and information booklet and spekboom gifting pack.