Covid-19 Product Range

A range of Covid-19 safety products are available which include:

  • Adults masks

  • Kids masks

  • Adults and Kids Safety Packs (mask, hand sanitizer, sterile wet wipes and information card)

  • Adult Safety Pack (mask and hand sanitizer)

We also offer these product ranges at wholesale pricing  for larger orders, as well as personalized with your company logo, area photos or school badges. 

Please contact us for pricing.

Covid-19 Products - Kids Mask


Covid-19 Products - Adult Masks


Covid-19 Products - Mask and Hand Sanitizer Safety Pack


Covid-19 Products Range - Buffs


Adult Covid-19 Products - Mask, Hand Sanitizer, Sterile Wet Wipes and Information Card


Kids Covid-19 Products Range - Mask, Hand Sanitizer, Sterile Wet Wipes and Information Card


Personalized Range

All products can be personalized for your Business, School or images of your city.
Contact us for more information and wholesale pricing.
Inspired Living Covid-19
Inspired Living Covid-19
Please view our information directory for all Covid-19 business services.  Contact us for advertising opportunities.


As South Africa and the World faces this massive pandemic together, we come to realise the importance of a business’s online presence and the visibility of that on the Internet.  Here we have provided a one-stop advertising portal for those seeking products or services surrounding Covid-19.

Within this Directory Portal you will find a range of advertisers of various businesses that are providing services and/or products during this time within the Governmental requirements.

We created Covid-19 Online Services SA as a valuable resource for driving and motivating future economies – now is the ideal time to upgrade an online presence for all businesses.

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