Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is an unusual looking and tasty fruit given its name from its outer “scaly” texture.  It can be grown as ornamental plants; however, their fruit is what makes them so special. 

The fruit of a Dragon plant can be used in jams, ice cream, salads, fruit juice, smoothies and even wine, and weighs between 150 and 600g.

Another unique fact of this plant is its flowers.  When in bloom they are one of the largest flowers in the world, and the blooms only open for one night – the scents of which emitted is deliciously exotic and fruity.

There are many different types of Dragon fruit, all exceptional in looks and taste.


Dragon fruit or pitayas are extremely distinctive plants that come in three different types. 

  • Hylocereus undatus: white flesh with pink/red skin (most popular in Australia)
  • Hylocereus Megalanthus: white flesh with yellow skin
  • Hylocereus costaricensis: purple/red flesh and pink/red skin

Cuttings are available at our online store at the following pricing :

1 – 10 cuttings – R40.00 per cutting

11 – 50 cuttings – R30.00 per cutting

51 – more –   R25.00 per cutting

Gift pack includes the following items :

  • Dragon Fruit plant in an attractive pot approximately 50cm high.
  • Information booklet providing detailed information on Dragon Fruit, conditions required, soil, temperature, how to look after, cuttings, pruning, harvesting, types of Dragon Fruit etc.  The booklet is size A5 and approximately 30 pages.
  • Pretty gift card with information on Dragon Fruit.

Attractive carry bag included to give as a gift.



Dragon Fruit plant in planting bag and information booklet which covers a range of topics around Dragon Fruit – soil conditions, temperature, plant care, cuttings, pruning, harvesting, types of Dragon Fruit,  range of recipes,  etc. 

The booklet is approximately 30 pages and size A5



Dragon Fruit information guide size A5 covering a range of topics including – Soil conditions, temperature, pests, types of Dragon Fruit, pruning, seeds, fruit, harvesting, recipes etc.

This booklet has approximately 30 pages.



Dragon Fruit can be grown almost anywhere in the world. In very cold climates it needs to be protected or it may struggle as it grows best in a warm climate with mild winters.  It can be drought proof and survive harsh dry conditions; however, the plant does seem to like regular water (in good draining soil) and this helps it produce better fruit.

Unlike most cactus plants, this one is a climbing plant that needs a bit of support to grow properly. It is a sub-tropical plant that needs a lot of heat and humidity.  

The skin of the fruit is not edible and peels off fairly easily.  The texture of the edible flesh is firm and dense however it melts in the mouth and is very juicy.  The fruit is sweet with the subtleness of tropical and an undertone of melon.  The different varieties of fruit have different tastes, although the textures are about the same.

It is a little known fact just how beneficial eating Dragon Fruit is for your health.  It is full of antioxidants, easy to digest carbohydrates and omega fatty acids in the seeds.  It is also rich in fiber and contains prebiotics.

It has also been reported that it may help to boost iron levels.  One cup of Dragon Fruit has 8% of your daily iron needs and it also contains vitamin C, which is thought to help boost iron absorption.

Recipes using Dragon Fruit

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