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Holistic health is a concept in medical practise upholding that all aspects of people’s needs including psychological, physical and social should be taken into account and seen as a whole.

As defined above, the holistic view is widely accepted in medicine. When we refer to holistic or alternative medicine, or a holistic or alternative approach to health and living, we are referring to the belief that the cause of a problem must be sought and dealt with, instead of simply treating the symptoms. A holistic or alternative approach will also look at the entire spectrum of the person’s being – be that diet, exercise, mental state of mind and attitude, being in touch with himself, his surroundings and his Higher self.

The Health and Beauty Directory South Africa offers a comprehensive listing of beauty, health and related products, services and treatments in South Africa.
Health and Beauty worldwide is considered to be the essential in anyone’s lives. Truly said’ “A healthy body is a healthy mind”. Health contributes to the overall well-being in terms of mind, social behaviour and physique, whereas beauty refers to the attractive look and personality of any one.
Food: whether you love it to excess or see it as a nutritional minefield, it plays an important role in determining your health. What you put into your body affects the outside just as much as the inside so it’s important to understand what you’re eating. The Health and Beauty Directory South Africa gives insightful and inspiring information about healthy food, delicious health recipes, health products, health supplements and health shops in South Africa.

Green Info South Africa | Eco-friendly Business Directory

This Business Directory has been created to provide you with information about Eco Friendly / Green Businesses & Products all around South Africa and consists of a variety of listings under different categories; each category containing information in the form of interesting and informative articles and Environmental & Eco-Friendly Events.
Our aim is to provide a broad spectrum of information and tips to help you in your quest to ‘GO GREEN’. Please use this green business directory and it’s articles to help develop a greener world, as well as keep up to date with what you can do to play your part in the future of our greener planet.
As the earth continues to become increasingly occupied and developed, its resources are becoming all the more precious to us and the generations to follow. Therefore, our green minded initiatives will eventually affect the rest of humankind. Now is the time to make changes and work towards a greener planet and reduce the rate of climate change and global warming by living a greener life.

We offer both information and advertising opportunities on our directories and I have included information on Advertising on our directories

It is with great pleasure and pride that we introduce this fantastic South Africa Info travel directory aimed at the tourism market.

Within these pages you will find excellent information on travelling around South Africa along with some of the best accommodation establishments, activity suppliers and businesses advertised within.

South Africa is located at the southernmost region of Africa, with a coastline that stretches more than 2,500 km (1,553 mi) and along two oceans (Atlantic and Indian). Known for its dynamic mix of cultures, people and nature, South Africa is one of the most appealing holiday destinations in the world.

This family guide is based on a unique concept, giving you the latest information on all things “kids”. From children friendly accommodation and restaurants, right through to various schools around South Africa.

Travelling with children can sometimes be quite a challenge therefore it is always best to travel prepared for anything. View our safety tip section to keep those fears at bay, and to learn more about the places you are travelling to.

This website is designed to aid parents searching for the ideal holiday accommodation, where their children will feel welcome and they will have fun with lots to do.

It is also an opportunity for businesses to advertise their children-friendly goodies, so when searching for things, it is all “under one virtual roof”.

No matter which Province you are travelling to, the choices for children-friendly things to do are vast. It is knowing where those places are, and exactly to whom they catering for.

The South Africa Restaurants Directory offers a variety of options for eating establishments across South Africa. The directory offers choices of excellent restaurants, coffee shops, takeaways and pubs in your area.

Each of our listed clients have their contact details, photos, a detailed map and information on their business displayed. The South Africa Restaurants Directory includes information on events and articles in the South African restaurant industry.

Whether you prefer fine dining, a quick meal and drink or take-out, you will find all the information within this directory. South Africa has diversity in our cultures and traditions which are reflected in our food – you will find something unique on the menu in most of the restaurants.

The Wine Cellar category holds a comprehensive list of restaurants, pubs and accommodation establishments that have outstanding choices of wine, offer wine tasting along with brilliant knowledge on all things wine. While the Wedding Catering catalogue gives an extensive list of all the establishments with restaurants catering to special occasions.

The South Africa Wedding Directory is here to help every bride and groom to be. This is a comprehensive online directory which will point you in the right direction to assist you in achieving your perfect wedding.

Die Suid-Afrikaanse Trougids is hier om elke bruid en bruidegom te help. Hierdie is ‘n omvattende aanlyngids wat u in die regte rigting sal lei en bystaan sodat u die perfekte troudag kan hê.

Planning your dream wedding is not just as easy as 1,2,3 … but we are here to help you find the right company to make your dream happen.

Vegan Roots South Africa offers a comprehensive listing of vegan products, restaurants, accommodation, recipes, events etc in South Africa.

Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.
There are many ways to embrace vegan living. Yet one thing all vegans have in common is a plant-based diet avoiding all animal foods such as meat (including fish, shellfish and insects), dairy, eggs and honey – as well as products like leather and any tested on animals.

This Activities – South Africa Directory provides a comprehensive guide to businesses advertising their range of activities across South Africa. South Africa is undoubtedly one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world! This country is an affordable holiday break from anywhere in the world, with the activities on offer providing unique experiences for all.

The Activities Directory gives visitors a choice of fantastic outdoor adventures including: Game viewing, 4X4 Routes, fly fishing, golf, hot air ballooning, river rafting, horse riding, hiking trails, team building, mountain biking, quad biking, caving, riding an ostrich or an elephant and so much more!

The South African coastline is famous for whale and dolphin watching – entertaining for all those who visit our beautiful country. Every year the Southern Right whales migrate from their frosty feeding grounds off Antarctica to warmer waters, reaching South Africa around June.

SA Fitness Online is a comprehensive directory of online training and fitness instructors, programs, courses, yoga, pilates, health supplements, weight management and much more!

Fitness does not have to be all about treadmills and weights in a huge communal space — it can be completely customized to suit you and your workout style. You can now workout anywhere, at any time – whether you travel frequently for business or are working from home.

You can expect to get fully Zen with a yoga flow, go into fierce mode doing HIIT circuits, or even take targeted classes that focus just on upper body or lower body strength.

South Africa is the powerhouse of the African continent with many productive, successful and innovative businesses across the country. Deepening improvements in governance in South Africa have strengthened the country’s business growth, and is attracting the attention of foreign investors.

South Africa is emerging as an economy in its own right, and is fast becoming the key gateway into Africa. South Africa’s infrastructure can match any first-world country and it is also one of the most investor-friendly countries in which full foreign ownership is allowed.

There is more to South Africa than elephants and lions; the business community has grown rapidly in the last few years and with the latest wireless and satellite communication, people can be reached from all over the world. Thousands of potential customers are on-line every day searching for products or services.

There is a steady trend in the growth of Shopping Malls all over South Africa as the power of the Rand becomes stronger. The Cape region, in particular, has established itself as a successful business outsourcing destination as well as a major tourist attraction into South Africa.

Among the main attractions of travelling to South Africa is the diversity of the culture, the game reserves and the highly regarded local wines. As one of the most advanced and productive economies in Africa, South Africa is the business future.

Within this Directory Portal you will find a range of advertisers of various businesses that are providing services and/or products during this time within the Governmental requirements.

Whether you are looking for PP Equipment, Masks, or those offering Mental Health Support or even “Lockdown Approved” accommodation options you will be sure to find it here. While our Restaurants and Coffee Shops are closed to the public online advertising is needed more than ever – here you will find their menu’s and contact details for no-fuss ordering and delivery options in your area.

We created Covid-19 Online Services SA as a valuable resource for driving and motivating future economies – now is the ideal time to upgrade an online presence for all businesses.

Our digital business-to-business media marketing is providing valuable opportunities for companies and brands being visible in high traffic, virtual environments such as this Directory.

We need to plan and re-prioritize advertising and marketing for a new post-Covid-19 reality.



R550 + Vat for a full year – Our package includes: A full page listing on George Info + the listing is linked to our network of linked sites under George!



 Your listing will appear on all the following sites:

A full webpage includes: (I can either get directly from your website or you supply info)

  • Contact information including direct email & website link
  • Direct link to your Facebook & Twitter pages if applicable
  • Direct link to your Online Booking
  • 10 – 20 large photos
  • Text content
  • A Google map and GPS co-ordinates

Some facts about these websites:

  • You are getting a lot for very little!
  • We have a broad range of town information and things to do, accommodation and dining options in each area, making it an highly informative site.
  • You will receive a direct link to your own site which is very effective for increasing your rating with search engines like Google.
  • You have full control of your own bookings that are made and clients will contact you direct – no third party handling this
  • The sites are attractive and user friendly with numerous photos to help the visitor/tourist to plan their trip.
  • Our pricing is very competitive.
  • No extra charge for any changes/updates throughout the year.
  • Our service is prompt and efficient

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